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Yenippadigalil Maanthargal - YPM

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Yeni Padigalil Maanthargal - A treatise on Spiritualism and Human Salvation


Some ill informed scholars of our country talk as though only India is an ancient and sacred land and other countries copied culture and civilization only from us. This is very wrong. Scriptures affirm that the whole earth is Bhuma Devi. As we have given  numerous names to our various Gods, so people of other countries too had given  hundreds of names to their very many Gods . Customs such as naming the child, piercing of the earlobes, tonsuring head, naming grandchildren after grand parents, taming of bulls, worship of lingas were prevalent throughout the world. From time immemorial other countries too were adopting the practice of holding of palms (Panigrahanam - handing over of the palms ) on the occasion of weddings.  People of other countries were experts in astrology and astronomy too.

From the ancient days people of every country functioned as  experts in worldly arts and had direct contact with the Gods. They extended the traditional courtesy of extending hospitality even to strangers. However since the other countries  have lost touch with the Vedas and many Vedic  scholars in India are engaged in research of the Vedas leading to several discoveries, an illusion is being created that the rest of the world copied everything only from India.

Even when the divine religion (daiva madam or religion of Gods or Vedic religion) was coming to an end, kings throughout the world ruled justly.  Whenever something went wrong  the Gods intervened to set things right. In matters of national interest the guidance of the Gods was sought and solutions given by them in the form of oracles, implemented. Even today other countries which have adopted religions that exclude worship of Gods receive their blessings  leading to prosperity to the extent they preserve the rule of law. As against this the Gods punish those countries where rule of law is undermined, in the form of natural disasters though the country may abound in temples . The Gods don't discriminate on the basis of religion!

When a government and a majority of its citizens commit sins casually it causes enormous suffering to Bhuma Devi (mother earth) who bears us. Due to this when countries are affected, the virtuous citizens  also suffer depending on their past deeds. In order to appease Gods an ideal government should exterminate criminals and anti social elements. In the regime of Ottoman a sultan by name Murad slaughtered almost one lakh rogues who appeared from nowhere in his country.

Besides, even in the recent past, parents who wanted their children to become responsible citizens taught them parables to reinforce morals and ensured that they got the kind of education which would  shape them into ideal citizens. This education also ensured that the children developed a resistance for committing wrong deeds.   Parents handed out rigorous punishment to errant children by admonishing, starving and even chaining  them. In sharp contrast these days  most of the parents hesitate to adopt punitive measures to reform their hard begotten spoilt offsprings!

In our country university education should be raised to its ideal standard. Those who pass their schools with less than 75%marks should not be admitted to university. When one looks at the deplorable conduct of the present crop of  university students in our country, one can't help wondering whether we really need universities! A student of London university once asked an Indian journalist with a sense of longing, "the students in your universities indulge in violent acts such as  arson with abandon. Such enthusiasm is not shown by our students! ". 

It is important to understand about various civilizations, people and their governments in the past from books of history written by authors of repute as we learn about the super human events of the the distant past from Puranas. The prime duty of an ideal government is to ensure that one citizen is in not affected by another in any manner. Civilization is that which creates and preserves a proper, moral and healthy way of life for its citizens by promoting useful,  worthwhile literature and arts. Our ancestors did not allow diseases to spread freely and celebrate disease related functions later on. Even in the recent past, when hospitals were few and far between in India our grandmothers functioned as veritable doctors and people grew up without knowing the meaning of terms such as checkup, caesarean, inoculation,congenital deformities etc.

Maidens were married to maternal uncles throughout the world by people of divine religion  for thousands of years. Through this good health was perpetuated and diseases avoided. However doctors lived hereditarily. Besides it was a well known fact that when the age difference between the couple was slightly more, the health of both parents and children remained optimum till their old age. From the beginning of the 20th century the health of people of the world took a beating which resulted in the proliferation of hospitals which are veritable intrusions on health due to the utter neglect of culture and civilization established by divine religion observed by our ancestors. This is why far sighted scientists are concerned about the health of our posterity. Besides, India learnt architecture and building of huge temples only from other countries. Music and pantomime (kathakali) were imported only from other countries.

In obsequies it is a custom to eat by the side of the corpse. The person who eats this meal is called a "sin eater " whose leaf in which the food is served is connected to the corpse by a thread. Such customs observed in the last rites were only imported into our country.

By and large the historians of the Christian era reported history truthfully though there were those who indulged in fabrication. Some historians owing allegiance to kings have concealed what happened and wrote what never happened to suit their purpose. For example, in an era where Christians never lived, emperor Nero has been charged with slaughtering thousands of them!  It was only during the reign of Trajan that a very few persons bearing a strange faith were traced out at Rome i.e. during the first decade of the second century.  Ironically it is at this place Vatican is situated. Those who read history must bear in mind time (BC or AD) and the correct geographical location of various happenings. (Period and topography).

It is said that once when Napoleon was asked by his ministers whether they could  ask someone to write their history, responded humorously by asking his ministers to fetch a notorious liar! By teaching true history to students they will come to know the plus and minus points of various regimes and thereby improve their character and conduct.

The Gods who created our universe simultaneously gave to us an exhaustive code of life in the form of scriptures for ideal living. Our religion did not have a name till other ones sprang up in course of time. However in order to distinguish our religion from other religions we called it the Hindu religion.  From Indus river, Greeks gave us the name India. It is the Greeks who gave the current names to several countries in the world.

Scriptures (shastras) are specific to divine or Vedic religion and not a single such shastra is available in books of any other religion which have competitively set down a few general canons and principles of living and invent some festivals. However it can't be said that people of other religions ignored the moral code of divine religion completely. People of the ancient world adopted this moral code in their day to day life. In the present day world, especially in India, a majority of people have taken a decision to restrict morality to public speech and ignore it in actual life! Hence I recommend Athi Chudi of Auvaiyar of Tamil Nadu which children can learn easily. Auvaiyar has preached a ethical and healthy (hygiene) way of life in it.  Auvaiyar was a divine poet.

A moral code is meant for helping  mundane people to lead a flawless life in this world. It is not possible for everyone to follow all the principles set down in the moral code. Only those who are benevolent in nature among the ignorant (Pamaran) can follow some basic rules of morality. The Viveki (the vigilant) excels in nobler conduct and mindset. The Sadhu (the altruist) lives only for others and bears an incomparable character. The stoic (Siranda Viveki) who is higher than Sadhu is beginning to give up attachment. Hence several qualities followed religiously by Sadhu drops off automatically from Siranda Viveki. For example, an unique quality of a Sadhu, viz, humility will not be found in Siranda Viveki. Is he not walking the alphabets of the doctrine of Vedanta! From this statement don't rush to the conclusion that a Siranda Viveki is arrogant. He just looks upon the ordinary as  "ignorant children". As one undergoes various stages of spiritual evolution one transcends likes and dislikes culminating in enlightenment. In order to give my readers a clear understanding of the various stages, I have classified them according to their character, mindset, outlook etc with illustrations. Finally I have also narrated the lives of some very evolved souls or saints.

Our politicians in their speeches to commemorate the days of some world leaders, talk as if one discovered love and another non violence conveniently forgetting the fact that all these are contained in our eternal Vedic religion.

Confucius of divine religion who is regarded as the father of China (551-479) has declared that he neither has deleted nor added a letter to ancient scriptures. This only means that the slightest amendment to ancient scriptures will bring about degeneration of the world. Buddhism condemns Gods. But the people of China who are called Buddhists belonged to divine religion and their kings ruled justly  following the dictum of Gods. Irrespective of the religions they follow, prosperity befalls those countries which uphold the rule of law while those where rule of law is undermined are punished with catastrophes. Those of the bygone era were not given to committing evil deeds and following forbidden professions.Yes! They were brought up as noble and law abiding individuals.

When a government is constrained to use its army and police on its own people, it shows that the rulers did not adopt an ideal way of governance but had their own selfish agenda, which will eventually turn the people into a veritable mob. Such regimes are subjected to the anger of Gods in the form of flood, earth quake, snow storms, destruction of food crops, severe draught, water famine and such other natural calamities. Besides people ruled by those who try to muster support of anti social  elements will suffer untold miseries. Kingdoms came into being to rule people but not the other way around. In these fallen times it is impossible to find Siranda Vivekis and hence we should select the best of Vivekis as our rulers.  It is my wish that the world should brim with good and kind human beings. Let me thus complete this prologue. My blessings to all those who were responsible for the publication of this book.